Tuesday, 10 April 2012


To anyone about to sign an employment contract...make sure that the terms of agreement are well understood, and communicate your expectations to the hiring team/personnel. The company that I've been with for six months  on a training course have suddenly decided to interpret certain aspects of the contract to suit their own pockets at my expense.
I assume that I was very naive and over-excited about getting my first 'real' job. What I mean by this is that I've always done business my way, under no supervision nor reporting to anyone, other than my bank account (chuckle). It was exhilarating then and I'd always vowed that I would never work for anyone other than myself.

Apparently, having a child changed that. Thinking of bills, school fees and other luxuries that I want to provide for her changed all that. My fearlessness diminished drastically, and now I over-analyze any move that I intend to make (analysis-paralysis). I hope to learn in this company and overcome my fears of starting my own business someday.

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